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Major forum update

OK, once again, BIG forum update. Unfortunately, that means that we lost a lot of the visual and anti-spam functionality we had before. I'm working on getting everything back to the way it was, so if you see something "not quite right" or a feature that's missing that you wanted, let me know and I'll do what I can.

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Forum updated...

Ok, I've gone through a few forum updates, please reply here to let me know if there are any issues.

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I'm going to try upgrading the forum software this weekend. I am not yet sure how this will impact forum access in the process, but my plan is to run a database backup tonight (1/22/16, 22:00 CST), and then to attempt the software upgrade either Saturday night or Sunday morning.

There will likely be some interface changes associated with this, as our menu system (menus on the left) run on a separate software plugin that will need to be upgraded as well. I will do my best to maintain the core functionality of the forum, and restore it to the closest approximation of our current setup that I can, as I am able.

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Planned Forum Outage, starting Monday 3/23

Hey guys, the forum will be taken down for a few days for maintenance (essentially) starting on Monday, March 23. I just wanted to give everyone a "heads up" before it goes down.

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Another outage. Apologies.

Sorry guys for the outage this weekend. This is a learning experience and we just ran into a problem we (the new admin team) haven't seen before, and it took a couple of days to get it sorted. Hopefully it will go more quickly in the future.

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