Hyosung GT250R Speedo Problem

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Richard Jordan:
*** Owner Alert ***

GT250R - Arguably Hyosung's #1 best selling model.

A compatibility issue has been revealed, though no official bulletin has been received yet about this issue.

The latest GT250R Replacement Speedometer Units are NOT compatible with the earlier GT250R models.

The previous models had a Black Speedometer Dial and the replacement units have a White Speedometer Dial. The difference and the problem is not the color - it is the wiring.

Please see the pictures below. Notice the wiring is different on each Speedometer Assembly.

The Kicker: The Black model GT250R Speedometer Assembly is discontinued. You will not be able to replace it. If you see a model in a show room DO NOT BUY IT - you will not be able to replace speedometer.

Hyosung have suggested a solution to this screw up by saying the Speedometer Board or computer part is compatible with the older model Speedometer units but Hyosung have only a few of these - certainly not enough to cover the thousands of bikes on the road.

Also the computer boards are the only part that can be replaced so if an older GT250R has sustained sever front end damage and entire Speedometer Assembly is damaged the bike is a write-off as the Speedometer Assembly can't be replaced.

Whoever designed or ordered or approved the incompatible Speedometer Units might want to lay low for awhile.

Richard Jordan:
Replacement Speedo Board - not sufficient quantities to cover all bikes on the road.

Thanks for the heads up Richard!

Richard Jordan:
Side note:

I got an SOS message from some US Air Force members in Kunsan saying. "Help - we can't fix our bikes - GT650s". It is no breach of security (OPSEC) to say that the US have been on intensive excercises recently due to many events in Korea in the last year. These guys are BUSY and don't have much free time.

A bunch of guys there have GT650s - while other military members are buying Japanese and Harley bikes these guys got into the Korean spirit and bought Hyosung and made a little Hyosung club there.

However, they need to replace several GT650 Analogue Speedometer units on their bikes and they keep hitting brick walls everytime they try.

They gave me a call and I drove my GT250 down there last week - 4 1/2 hour drive each way - stayed overnight. I went everywhere and nobody could get replacements for these guys. Even Hyosung HQ in Chang Won can't get parts for these guys.

When I told the guys this they were understandably pissed. They asked how the Koreans would feel if they grounded all their aircraft that protect South Korea and then explained to the Koreans that they can't protect them because they can't get the parts to repair their planes.

Anyway, I'm still looking for parts for them, probably have to be used. These guys are run ragged with all their drills and when they do get a day off after working 10 days straight a nice bike ride would be nice - their thoughts were good supporting Korea and buying a Korean bike - now it would be nice if the Koreans (S&T Motors) recognized their effort and actually got some parts for these dedicated people.

Not sure of the future of this Hyosung club - moral is low in the club at the moment. They feel really let down.

On a positive note my GT250 was a champ on the ride down and back and I've never been to that part of Korea before. And I have stockpiled parts for my bike for the day Hyosung disown my bike as one of their products.


Would swapping boards not be as simple as repinning the connector? Are the actual signal inputs different, or just the layout of the pins on the connector?

While not a direct swap, I can't believe they'd be completely incompatible, but then again I guess I need to consider the company we're talking about here.


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