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GL1100 Single Carb Install Installation of LD Wingnut's Single Carb Conversion Kit on a 1981 GL1100S (Standard) Goldwing

What you will need:
Two 10MM open end wrenches
Two 1/2 Inch open end wrenches
One 8MM open end wrench
10MM socket wrench
13MM socket wrench
Phillips Head screw driver
Standard screw driver

The Kit:
The kit comes with:
Air Filter
Hardware Kit:
Three hoses
Two 1/2 inch nuts
One 1/2 inch bolt and locknut
Four 2 inch clamps
Two 1/2 inch clamps
Three zip ties
One black wire with fittings
One Red wire with fittings

Replace the main jet by unscrewing the jet fitting from the carburetor.


Using a standard screw driver, unscrew the old jet from the back of the jet fitting and replace with the jet from the kit. Screw the jet fitting back into the carburetor.

Turn off the petcock.

Disonnect the spark plug wires from the spark plugs on both sides of the Goldwing and secure them out of your way.


Open the tank doors and remove the tool kit to expose the air box wing nut.


Remove the wing nut and airbox cover to expose the air filter.


Remove your Goldwings seat to expose the rear tank bolt and remove it.


Remove the left side and right side tank bolts.


Remove the tank cover by pulling the sides away from each other and wiggling the tank off the Goldwing.

Looking down into the airbox, you will see two bolts holding it in. Remove these bolts.


Grab the air box cover bracket and wiggle it while pulling to remove it.


Disconnect the left side air box hose at the splice.



Disconnect the right side air box at the splice.



Set aside.


Remove the distributor guards from both the right side and left side of the Goldwing.



Using a 10MM socket wrench, remove the left side right angle manifold intakes.


Carefully clean the cylinder opening and then stuff a clean rag in it to prevent debris from falling in. Cover the manifold openings with duct tape for preservation.


Do the same for the opposite side. After done, the manifold will lay on the the engine.


Disconnect the fuel hose from the fuel pump.


Disconnect the vent hose from the carburetor.


Disconnect the throttle pull cable by turning the the cable wheel with your finger till there is enough slack to remove the cable end.



Remove the throttle pull cable bracket.


Now repeat for the throttle push cable.

Remove the choke cable.

On the right side of the bike, remove the air break valve covers and springs.


Do not lose the springs unless you intend to throw out the old carbs.


From the left side of the bike tilt the right side of  the carbs/manifold down and stat to wiggle it out. This will take quite a bit of maneuvering so don't get discouraged.


Once out, you will see there is a lot of empty space.



Take the right side intakes and remove the OEM clamps and replce them with two of the provided 2 inch clamps from the hardware kit.


Re-install the intakes on the right side of the bike making sure to line up the clamps screw driver socket for easy access.

NOTE: Be sure to remove the rags you had in the cylincer holes first!


From the left side of the Goldwing, insert the manifold into the right side intakes.

NOTE: Make sure the cable bracket of the manifold is pointed towards the rear of the Goldwing.


Install the intakes on the right side of the Goldwing while insertiung the manifold into them.



Take the gasket from the hardware kit and install on the carburetor.


Lay the throttle cable out over the gas cap and seat mount.


Lay the carburetor with the throttle arm to the right side of the Goldwing on the seat mount. Feed the throttle cable through the throttle arm.


Take the 1.2 inch bolt and lock nut and place the locknut inside the "U" of the throttle arm. It will be very tight. Make sure the throttle cable is between the locknut and the bottom of the "U". Insert the screw and tighten.


Put the carb assembly in the manifold bracket making sure the gasket stays in place and the throttle arm is on the right side of the Goldwing.


Mount the throttle cable to the throttle cable bracket on the manifold. You will most likely have to run the lock system all the way to the back,


Use the two nuts from the hardware kit to bolt the carburetor to the manifold.


Follow the throttle cable back to the right side of the carburetor bay. You will find an intermediary throttle cable adjuster. Adjust this lock nut till you have enough play in the cable that the throttle arm idle tensioner rests against the choke cam.


Take the fuel hose from the hardware kit and attach it to the fuel port of the carburetor using one of the small clamps provided in the kit.


Attach the other end to the outlet of the fuel pump using the second small screw clamp from the hardware kit.


Attach the large hose from the hardware kit to the engine casing vent. I used the clamps from the old hose since none were provided in the hardware kit.


Mount your air filter to the carburetor using a phillips head screw driver. There is a Phillips heas bolt that screws through the filter into the top of the carb as well as a screw clamp that goes around the circumference of the filter throat which slips over the carb throat.

Mount the open end of the engine casing vent hose to the hose port on the underside of the airfilter casing. I used the clamps from the old hose since none were provided in the hardware kit.

Attach the small hose from the hardware kit to the vacuum port of the carburetor.


Attach the other end of the vacumm to the vacuum port on the Goldwing.


Attach the ground wire for the electric choke to any convenient ground point.


Attach the power wire to the positive inlet of the fuse block. I had to supply my own power cable as the supplied cable was too short.


Tie off the right side airbox hose, throttle pull cable and choke cable so that they are out of the way using the zip ties supplied in the hardware kit.

Turn on the petcock (fuel cock). Start your bike. If it idles way too fast, kill the motor and adjust the throttle cable for more play. If it does not start at all, check that there isn't too much play in the throttle cable by starting the bike while manually moving the throttle arm.
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