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Welcome to AlternativeCruisers.com

AlternativeCruisers.com is a forum community for the discussion of Hyosung, KYMCO, Johnny Pag, Vento, Lifan, Rhino and other non-standard cruisers.
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04 Apr 2010 - Shoutbox Disabled

The Shoutbox has been temporarily disabled to prevent a hack. I will re-enable as soon as a fix is available.

My apologies for any inconvenience.

MPG Motors To Donate New Vehicle To South Eastern Pennsylvania Resident

Area Businesses Get The Opportunity To Give A Ride To A Brighter Future

Sellersville, PA (PRWEB) March 26, 2010 -- MPG Motors and The Genuine Scooter Company will give away a scooter and gear to an individual in need as part of a new initiative. MPG Motors aims to improve the lives of those less fortunate during these difficult economic times with the “Get a Buddy a Buddy Scooter” program. The program will provide solutions to the transportation requirements of struggling individuals in a two-pronged approach:

  • MPG Motors and The Genuine Scooter Company will give away a scooter, helmet, armored coat and gloves to an individual in need (total package worth $2,800), and
  • MPG Motors will offer the same package at a significant discount to other businesses or individuals willing to buy a scooter for someone else deserving of this opportunity.

“MPG Motors is excited and proud to be providing a means of transportation for those in need,” said Patrick Yearick, owner and founder of MPG Motors. “We look forward to the giveaway and to working with companies and organizations willing to improve the lives of others. While an automobile is too much for most organizations to buy, a discounted scooter is within the means of some folks, businesses or groups. If you have the ability to help out another or can spearhead the effort within a group or company that can - it will help!”

MPG Motor’s giveaway will be held on May 29th, and the program for companies and organizations will run through August, 2010. MPG Motors welcomes short essays from those wishing to nominate themselves or others for the giveaway with a winner being selected by a panel of local citizens. Essays can be submitted to mpgmotors(at)mpgmotors(dot)com.

MPG Motors (www.mpgmotors.com) sells Fun, Fast and Efficient scooters and motorcycles. We are dedicated to going faster and farther on less fuel. If you’d like more information or a face-to-face meeting about this program, please call Pat Yearick at (215)257-8525 or email Pat at mpgmotors(at)mpgmotors(dot)com.

The Genuine Scooter Company (www.genuinescooters.com) is based in Chicago, IL and has been selling scooter accessories and scooters since 1989.

24 Feb 2010 - Malware Warning

We were the unappreciative recipients of a minor hack last night that added a malware link to several files. I have cleaned them all, as far as I'm aware, but be on the watch and please inform me if you receive any alerts from your Anti-Virus in regards to alternativecruisers.com.

I apologize for any inconvenience.


22 Feb 2010 - Don't Panic!

Dont Panic!

I am about to change the default theme for the forum. If you never set yours personally, then you will see the new theme automatically.

I and the team hope you like this new theme. It's a very clean theme that is very easy to navigate.

Now here's some important stuff.

If you want to change your theme back to the old default, follow this process:

1. Click "Profile" from the top menu.
2. On the Profile page, click "Look and Layout Preferences" from the left side menu.
3. At the top of the Look an Layout Preferences page, you will see "Current Theme: Alternative Cruisers (change)". Click the word "(change).
4. On the Themes page, scroll down till you see the theme titles "Adagio".
5. To the right of the picture of the theme, you will see the words "use this theme". Click it.

That should be it, you will be back to the former default.
I will be doing some site maintenance this weekend. Any outages should be very small (if they happen at all). The other administrators will have access to my cell phone number should the site go down hard.
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