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Welcome to AlternativeCruisers.com

AlternativeCruisers.com is a forum community for the discussion of Hyosung, KYMCO, Johnny Pag, Vento, Lifan, Rhino and other non-standard cruisers.
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07 Jul 2006 - I've Had It!

This host sucks. They never moved my site off the server it was on and the site goes down almost every day. I am going to move the site to a more reputable hosting company. Yahoo Small Business hosting I think. It will cost me a small fortune, but at least the site will stay up. They boast a 99.9% uptime.

I may have to put up ad's again to help support the site, or maybe start taking donations. I hate the thought of doing that, but I won't tolerate these outages anymore.
It was pointed out today on the grouplists that UM America is now displaying rebadged Hyosung products on their website. Listed are the following

UM V2C-250T (Hyosung GV250)
UM V2C-650S (Hyosung GV650)
UM V2S-250R (Hyosung GT250R)
UM V2S-650 (Hyosung GT650)
UM V2S-650R (Hyosung GT650R)

So, this leads to the inevitable question; Is Hyosung proper going to withdraw from the U.S. market to resell throiugh UMA? We'll have to wait for a statement from Hyosung of course.

Here are some pics of the rebadged bikes:

UM V2C-250T

UM V2C-650S

UM V2S-650R


08 Jun 2006 - Spammer "Angel"

When I got home and logged into the forum, I had a PM from "Angel". It was the standard "I want to get my money out of country XYZ. If you help me I will give you some." spam. This person has been banned. As most know, I have a zero tolerance for spammers, especially when they invade the forum

I apologize if anyone else received this spam. Be assured that if it happens again, they too will be banned. I am also going to put into affect a graphical signup system that bot can't get around.


07 Jun 2006 - Visited by a bot

Apparently we are under scrutiny by an internet "bot". It is called  Snapbot/1.0. Whether this bot is malicious or benign (all major search engines use bots to gather info) I do not know. I have blocked access to the IP chain that it is using though until more can be determined.

Sometimes bots are used to steal the contents of entire sites, thus the drastic measures.

05 Jun 2006 - ACD Moving Host Servers

OUTAGE: ACD Moving Host Servers

ACD's host is switching us to a new server to rid us of these nagging outages. I'm not sure when it will be complete or how any outage might be. I apologize for any inconvenience, but hopefully this will make ACD much more stable.
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