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Welcome to AlternativeCruisers.com

AlternativeCruisers.com is a forum community for the discussion of Hyosung, KYMCO, Johnny Pag, Vento, Lifan, Rhino and other non-standard cruisers.
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26 Jul 2011 - We're back online!

Ok, after two days of kicking my arse, I finally managed to get the site back online on it's new home. I did however lose the few posts from when I re-enabled it on the old server briefly on Sunday.

Now we have our own dedicated portion of CPU, RAM, etc. I can also reboot the server when needed.

So, known issues so far:
Attachments have to be re-uploaded.
Themes look funky but functional.

Please let me know of any other issues any of you see.

18 Jul 2011 - Upcoming Outage

As many have noticed, we continue to suffer issue's with ACD's current hosting company. Due to these ongoing problems, I will be moving hosts next week.

After the move the site will be hosted on a VPS or Virtual Private Server where we will have dedicated resources instead of shared with 10's or, possibly, 100's of other sites.

Due to this, there will be an ACD outage starting during the evening of Sunday, July 24 and extending, minimally, through Monday, July 25 and possibly longer. I have no reason to suspect it should be more than three days.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but it has to be done. These continued host outages and slowdowns are completely unacceptable.

Kind Regards

12 May 2011 - Hacked again

Site got hacked again. Sorry for the inconvenience. It may be slow today as I will have to download every file and clean up any I find that have the hack code.

Edit: When a spammer leaves links on the site, please, please, PLEASE don't click on the links! This gives the site your session ID here at ACD which gives them the first step to getting into the site and hacking the files. In essence, when you go to one of these sites directly from ACD, you take a lot of information with you including some information that lets the hackers impersonate you here.

I will be changing the security soon to help fight the spammers, but there's nothing I can do if a member clicks on a spammers link.

11 May 2011 - New GV650 Mod Added

tom740509 has provided a How To for removing the AIS from the GV650FI and GT650FI.


New article link at bottom of GV650 Rider Mods page.
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