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Welcome to AlternativeCruisers.com

AlternativeCruisers.com is a forum community for the discussion of Hyosung, KYMCO, Johnny Pag, Vento, Lifan, Rhino and other non-standard cruisers.
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18 Oct 2011 - Friends Of ACD

There is a little section of the site devoted to what we call "Friends Of ACD". It is a collection of spotlighted links for dealers, manufacturers and helpful sites belonging to members in good standing here at AlternativeCruisers.com. It is a way for us to recognize the contribution that these people and/or companies have made to all the members here at ACD.

Today, I have added ScootersOnly (Kathie) and All American Auto Sales (Ivor) as recognition for their continued support.

Kathie and Ivor; Thank you both very much for the help and advise you offer to our members. It is very much appreciated.

PS: If anyone has a nominee for consideration, please let me know.

10 Oct 2011 - FS: ACD Patches

I have the following patches available:
Blue w/ white piping
Yellow w/ orange piping
White w/ light blue piping, red "ACD"
White w/ dark blue piping, red "ACD" SOLD OUT

Pricing is as follows:
qty - total price
1    -   $2.00
2    -   $3.40
3    -   $5.00
4    -   $6.50
5    -   $6.50 (yes, 5th one is free)
6+  -  add $1.25 each

update as of 7/7/15:
All patches are now $1/ea, shipping included. Min. $4 inside US (to cover shipping), if outside the US message me before sending money.

Let me know what you want, both color and quantity. You can send payment directly to norrisjc@gmail.com using Paypal, just be sure to include your CURRENT address and colors of patches desired.

If you ordered a shirt from me, I can reduce the cost of the patches to about $1.25 each regardless of quantity and ship them with your shirt.

Well ACD, I have some sad news to report. I have been trying to contact an old friend of mine and a fellow forum member, OBXbiker, since February with no luck. I have contacted mutual friends, other forums' members, and every email and phone number I have and could find for him. All with no luck. In June I heard a rumor that he had passed away. I joined several websites to try and step up my search for him, but sadly saw his name and age on the Social Security Death Index. I have not been able to find anyone else to confirm this by an obituary or a family member, but after presenting the findings to the other administrators of this forum, we decided we should make this information public and maybe as a community, we can say our piece to a friend who greatly influenced this forum.

OBXbiker, known to a few as George Barlow III, loved living in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. He knew the area's history, businesses, and people like he was county commisioner. OBXbiker was an original member of the ACD forum, way back when. During ACD's formative years, there was a lot of passion about how the forum should be raised. George felt it necessary to break away from ACD and establish another forum which would be more to his vision. Many members of ACD became members there as well and after a few years, George and Bill were able to mend some fences and welcomed each other at both forum sites. OBXbiker's forum has been offline since January 2011, which was another clue that something was terribly wrong.

As most of the "old timers" here know, George had 3 huge loves in his life. One was his son and family, one was his forum, and the third was Kymco. George had 3 Kymco scooters and 2 Kymco Venox motorcycles. He was and will always be the encyclopedia of Kymco knowledge. I was fortunate enough to get to know George in person and offline from the forums. His love of Kymco was genuine. Especially his love for the Venox motorcycle. He knew correct color codes, insider contact information, everything. In 2006, George asked me to customize one of his Venox's. It was a huge, secret plan during that time and George loved to make the curiosity grow with vague postings and teaser threads. In December, I drove from Mobile, Alabama to OuterBanks, North Carolina (over 1,000 miles) to collect his black 2004 Venox and bring it back to A...

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26 Jul 2011 - We're back online!

Ok, after two days of kicking my arse, I finally managed to get the site back online on it's new home. I did however lose the few posts from when I re-enabled it on the old server briefly on Sunday.

Now we have our own dedicated portion of CPU, RAM, etc. I can also reboot the server when needed.

So, known issues so far:
Attachments have to be re-uploaded.
Themes look funky but functional.

Please let me know of any other issues any of you see.

18 Jul 2011 - Upcoming Outage

As many have noticed, we continue to suffer issue's with ACD's current hosting company. Due to these ongoing problems, I will be moving hosts next week.

After the move the site will be hosted on a VPS or Virtual Private Server where we will have dedicated resources instead of shared with 10's or, possibly, 100's of other sites.

Due to this, there will be an ACD outage starting during the evening of Sunday, July 24 and extending, minimally, through Monday, July 25 and possibly longer. I have no reason to suspect it should be more than three days.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but it has to be done. These continued host outages and slowdowns are completely unacceptable.

Kind Regards
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