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May 25, 2019, 05:03 PM

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Happy Birthday!

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Chit Chat / Happy Birthday Ross Wells
« Last post by dpetrick on May 21, 2019, 07:12 AM »
Happy Birthday Ross Wells !
Chit Chat / Happy Birthday tom74
« Last post by dpetrick on May 09, 2019, 10:42 AM »
Have a happy birthday.
I was thinking the same thing Jae.  But TN is a long way from ID...
Yup, DJ Scarab was my handle back in the day.  And yes, $250 is correct.  I just want someone to come and take her away...or delivery might be able to be arranged. 
if $250 is really the price, I may have to find a way to make it up there to pick this up...
Glad to see you check in.
da**, that's a he** of a deal...

I seem to remember you as "Scarab" or something along those lines...  :-\
Hello all!  I used to live on this forum back in 2007-2008.  The amount of info here is unbeatable.  Hello to the old timers.  For the new guys, I'm a former Marine and current Fire Captain in White Pine, TN (Northeast of Knoxville).  I'm moving in a few weeks and I've got a Red Spyder parked in my garage where it has been sitting for the past 5-6 years.  So it will need to be cleaned up and given some love.  It ran perfectly when I parked it. 

Moved up to a V-Star 950.  Then on to a HD Ultra Limited Low.  Wanted to keep riding the Johnny Pag, just never got it back out.  :-/

I've got a lot of extras on it, grips, red chain, mirrors, lights, modded pipes, custom seat.  The only thing broken right now is the speedometer (which I customized).  Never wrecked.  Never dropped.  No issues when I parked it.

I need it gone!  Wanted to offer it up to someone on here who is in need, or want.  $250 and it is yours!!!!!!

Yes, I'm legit.  Not sure if anyone still on here remembers me from a decade ago.  I'll give you my phone number, email, etc...
It is very unlikely to be tire pressure.  Low pressure can make tires wear abnormally, but it is typically a symmetrical wear.

The tire wear you are seeing is most likely alignment, just as the others here have said.  It doesn't matter what brand of tire you have, if it is not aligned correctly then it will wear unevenly. 

Whatever tire you have put on next will appear to be better to you because the shop should align it when the put it on.
I went to a few different shops and they all said the most likely cause is low tire pressure. With the crown of the road and low pressure is causes the tire to wear left of center. I don't remember ever running it low on pressure for an extended period of time, I usually check it every couple weeks or so. But they said pressure should be about 40psi all the time, and I was only doing the manufacturer recommended pressure of 36psi.

Not really sure what to do. The original Bridgestone tire didn't have this problem and I was running them and the current Metzeler tire at the same pressure. Maybe the Metzeler isn't as good as the original Bridgestone? I guess I'm just gonna buy a cheap Shinko tire and make sure to always keep it at 40psi, so if it does the same thing again I won't be out a whole lot of money for an expensive tire.
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